Amaris Ketcham

Amaris Ketcham is an Assistant Professor in the Honors College at the University of New Mexico. Amaris received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Inland Northwest Center for Writers at Eastern Washington University and BA in Anthropology and Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico. Amaris has published essays, poetry, and short fiction in a variety of magazines, anthologies, and online venues. Her teaching interests include creative writing, graphic design, and print and digital production. She serves as the Faculty Advisor for Scribendi, the Honors College and Western Regional Honors Council literature and arts magazine. In her free time, she is often occupied with open space, white space, CMYK and RGB, flash fiction/essays, long trails, f-stops, line breaks, and/or several Adobe programs running simultaneously. She may be reached at ketchama (at) unm (dot) edu.



Matthew Rangel

Matthew Rangel is currently an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at the University of New Mexico. Matthew received a MFA in printmaking from the University of Alberta and a BFA in Drawing/Painting and Printmaking from California State University Long Beach. Matthew’s creative work explores how human constructs of land shape his embodiment of place. Framed by the graphically encoded language of cartography Rangel’s traditional and digital printmaking explorations begin with adventurous topographic field research involving a variety of different disciplines including extended cross-county navigation, observation-based drawing, photography, ecological, ethnographic and historic inquiry.

Matthew’s creative work has been featured in international publications, nationally and internationally exhibitions and he is included in collections such as the Stonehouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts, the White House in Washington DC, the Urban Land Institute, and Mount Tai National Park in China. Contact Matthew at